Guar Gum Powder
Produced From
U.S.-grown Beans
Custom Formulations
Fully Traceable Supply Chain
U.S.-harvested "Beans-to-Powder"
USDA Organic Guar
For All Food Applications
Coming Soon -
U.S. Growers
Planting Guar Offer
A Sterling Opportunity
Superior Drought Tolerance
Excellent Soil Enrichment & Crop Rotation
Low-risk Crop With Purchase Guarantee

Guar Resources is the only USA-based producer of guar gum made from beans farmed on US soil.

“Made in the USA,” sustainable farming, product safety and customization, quality assurance, transparency, and a fully-traceable supply chain are GR’s performance benchmarks that earn our customers' trust.


Our Consumer Product

Guar Resources offers 100% USA manufactured and packaged guar gum powder available for home use.

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Our Commitment

In 2014, Guar Resources LLC (GR) made a significant investment and commitment to be a leading producer and supplier of guar gum powder within the U.S. We contract local farmers to grow and harvest our seeds. These beans are then processed into various intermediate products and guar gum powder at our state-of-the-art facility in Brownfield, Texas. In this way, we use guar beans grown on U.S. soil to produce guar gum powder.

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Guar Beans to Guar Gum Powder & Intermediate Products

Coming Soon - USDA Organic Guar Gum Powder For All Food Applications

For Manufacturers, Blenders & Distributors

U.S. Sourcing

GR enables you to reduce inventory requirements and eliminate supply chain concerns associated with foreign-based products.

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GR Offers Superlative Quality

GR is certified ISO 9001:2015 Compliant, SQF, kosher, and halal.                                                                                            

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For U.S. Growers & Farmers

Soil Enhancements

Guar's rotation in the planting cycle can replenish and improve the soil due to its nitrogen-enhancing properties.

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Grower Convenience

GR can guide you every step of the way in planting guar and in taking full advantage of its exceptional value.

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Our Products: Guar Gum Powder Applications

Food Grade

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Industrial Grade

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Pet & Animal

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Guar Resources produces kosher and halal certified guar products, and maintain substantial seed stocks for growers.