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An Overview of Our Company Values

Customer Support

GR is committed to exceptional service in every sector of our company. We support our customers through every step of the procurement process, from decision making to delivery.


We guarantee our commitment to quality and impeccable production standards, which meet the highest requirements and are tailored to our customers' needs. An important marker of this is our registration as SQF Code Edition 7.2 - Level 3: Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System.

Development & Innovation

We strive to educate growers and producers about the value of guar cultivation and processing here - at home, in the United States. GR is also constantly researching seed, growing methods and processing techniques in never-ending process improvement.

Industry Excellence

We treasure few things more than our reputation and performance. We are Certified in ISO-9001:2015 Compliance, and our products are halal and kosher certified - all hallmarks of our pursuit of excellence.


GR is committed to responsible management of its resources, partnerships and assets in an unwavering commitment to ethical practices.

Grower Support

GR embraces a grower partnership mindset. Through the successes of our growers, we too will be successful. We assist our growers through all stages of implementing a guar crop plan.


What We Do

Guar Resources is the only USA-based producer of guar powder made from beans farmed right here on US soil. These beans are then processed into various intermediate products and powder, at our new state-of-the-art facility in Brownfield, TX.

Our guar powder meets the strictest quality standards, and is kosher & halal certified. US sourcing enables you to reduce inventory requirements, eliminates supply concerns associated with foreign-based products, and enables you to label your products as "Made in the USA." Our products are packaged and delivered to meet your requirements.

Guar Resources maintains a substantial seed base in the US, and licenses guar seed to local growers. Its rotation in the planting cycle can replenish and improve the soil due to its nitrogen-enhancing properties.

New Horizons

From 2015 to 2017, GR developed a strategic plan to take full advantage of the huge potential to grow and process commercially excellent guar products in the USA, from planting to final commercial applications.

A crowning achievement was the design and construction of our new multi-million dollar processing facility. The company knew that it wanted to innovate beyond expected processing capabilities, and the facility was envisioned this way from the beginning. Proven strategies and cutting-edge methodologies were merged into a beautifully hybridized operation.

The plant represents a global achievement and is fundamental to GR's goal of major U.S. guar production. We also achieved halal and kosher certification for our products, important elements of our strategic plan.

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

GR has been certified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant. This significant achievement is part of an overall commitment to quality and precision.

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Texas Proud

GR is a participating member in the Texas Department of Agriculture Go Texan initiative to promote Texas products, commerce and culture.

Key Management & Team Members

  • Arie Genger Chairman & CEO

    Mr. Genger is the representative of the Investor Group which acquired the business that became Guar Resources in December 2014. Mr. Genger has a distinguished history of leading successful companies in a variety of different industries.

  • Alex Muraviyov General Manager

    Mr. Muraviyov is an engineer with over 20 years of business experience. During his career Mr. Muraviyov has an impressive record of achievement. Among his strengths are the optimization of plant efficiency and effective management of expansion projects.