October 2017 eNewsletter Update

Guar Harvest and Planting Seed Update

The 2017 growing season has produced a successful crop of guar beans. In areas, yields are expected to be well above the 1000# range. The main variety planted in the Northern areas was Judd, with Kinman being a close second. Due to a limited quantity of planting seed, there was only a small amount of Monument acres planted this year.

Guar Resources is still interested in acquiring additional quantities of seed for planting in 2018.

If you have a particular field that is clean and the seed is filling out to be of the highest quality, please call Billy or Guy and have them check your field for a possible seed contract. Depending on the variety and quality, you could be paid a premium price for this seed.

Seed Quality Issues

There is a need for high quality seed to ensure that the beans that are grown for milling are a superior grade. Guar Resources, being the only US manufacturer of Guar Powder from domestically grown beans, is committed to producing the highest quality product. The highest grade of powder can only be produced from high quality beans. There have been two issues with seed in past years, and it seems that they are being repeated in some locations this year. A portion of the seed that was purchased outside the quality control procedures of Guar Resources has been shown to produce lower yields and poor bean quality. Poor bean quality leads to an inferior powder. The other issue that has surfaced this year, is that the specific variety of seed that was purchased from a third party supplier was not the variety that was actually in the bag. We are aware of three instances where this confusion occurred in 2017. At Guar Resources, all varieties are sampled and tested before every planting season. The seed analysis insures an absence of weeds, a high germination, as well as excellent purity and seed quality. We guarantee our growers are receiving the best possible seed for planting. Thank you for partnering with Guar Resources, LLC. Billy Sherman: Phone# 806-473-7533 Guy Spears: Phone # 940-887-9098

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