An Outstanding Opportunity

Guar Resourcees, LLC ("GR") offers U.S. farmers a way to maintain nutrient-rich soil while reaping the benefits of growing guar. You can contract with GR prior to planting with our commitment to purchase your entire crop at harvest.

GR maintains a large seed base, and licenses guar seed to growers. Incorporating guar into the planting cycle can replenish and improve the soil due to its nitrogen-enhancing properties. Its drought-tolerant characteristics help to ensure profitability in ever-changing climates and drought conditions.

Why Plant Guar?

These are a few of the financial and soil management benefits from growing guar:

  • Guaranteed purchase of your entire harvest.
  • Converts atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available nitrogen – improves your soil.
  • Works well in rotation with cotton – University research has demonstrated up to 15% yield increases in cotton grown following guar.
  • Guar is a low risk and low-input crop that can help break disease cycles in your field
  • Plants are extremely hardy with minimal disease and insect pressures.

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