growersGuar Resources LLC offers US farmers a way to maintain nutrient-rich soil while reaping the benefits of growing guar. Guar Resources contracts with growers prior to planting and commits to purchase the entire crop at harvest.

Guar Resources maintains a large seed base, and licenses guar seed to growers. Incorporating guar into the planting cycle can replenish and improve the soil due to its nitrogen-enhancing bacteria. Its drought-tolerant characteristics help to ensure profitability in ever-changing climates and drought conditions.

Why Plant Guar?

  • Guaranteed purchase of your entire harvest
  • Converts atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available nitrogen – Improves your soil
  • Works well in rotation with cotton – University research has shown up to 15% yield increases in cotton grown following guar
  • Guar is a low risk and low-input crop that can help break disease cycles in your field
  • Plants are extremely hearty with minimal disease and insect pressures

Guar Resources encourages growers to contact our team of agronomists who can provide complete information on the benefits of growing guar.

Grower Testimonials

“After two years growing guar we like the profit potential and the crop rotation benefits. We plan to grow again in 2017. It is exciting to participate in the future growth of the Guar industry in the U.S. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to grow Guar for Guar Resources LLC.”

Wayne Schmedt
Altus, OK

“We have found Guar easy to grow. The inputs are low and the benefits to the soil are high. Our yield was about 900 pounds per acre on dry land. I have had a very pleasant experience working with Guar resources and I plan to plant in the 2017 season.”

Randy Loveless
Quanah, Texas

“We grow Guar because it fits well into my rotational plan. It is an inexpensive and easy to grow crop. Guar gives me more time to focus on other crops and has lots of benefits to the soil. We didn’t get a lot of rain this year but we still got 750 pounds per acre yield. We look forward to growing Guar in 2017.”

Shannon Patton
Tokio, Texas

“I like guar in my rotation because of the soil benefits and the minimal maintenance it requires to be a profitable crop. It gives me more time to focus on other acres as well.”

Josh Patterson
Wilbarger County, Texas

We contracted guar with Guar Resources, LLC in 2016, our first experience growing guar. We planted behind failed cotton on mostly irrigated acres. Our yields were at the high end of our expectations and all grades were excellent. Guar Resources was good to offer help and guidance with all of our “first time” grower questions. We were very pleased with our business dealings with them. We plan on contracting additional acres in 2017.

Tom & Karen Coomes
Hollis, OK