Guar gum used in the commercial oil and gas industry.
  • Creates high viscosity guar water slurry in drilling and hydraulic fracturing to increase the efficiency of pumping and proppant delivery
Guar aids in printing and fabric colors.
  • Creates a sticky paste mixture for painting on textile surfaces without any visible signs of bleeding or bulging
  • High viscosity stabilizer absorbs water
Guar aids many operations in mining.
  • Floatation agent that improves flocculation and recovery ores in mining
Guar is used in large-scale papermaking.
  • Improves sheet formation and paper uniformity
  • Increases bursting strength and fold strength
  • Provides denser surface for printing on paper
Guar used in erosion and soil conservation.
  • Main ingredient in tackifiers as an efficient and effective method of dust and erosion control, and mulch/straw binding
  • Creates fiber-to-seed-to-soil bond (without hardening) that reduces the need for reseeding while minimalizing soil erosion.
Guar is used in cat litter.
  • Binding and clumping agent used in cat litter to capture waste and create bio-degrading scoopable mass
  • Improves the function of sodium bentonite which is applied to keep the rubbish from spilling out of the cat litter box
Guar used in commercial cement and concrete operations.
  • Water retention capacity and thickening property acts as a mortar retarder improving flowability used in construction.
Guar aids in fire retardants and fire fighting.
  • A thickening agent blended with clay in fire retardants to prevent dispersal after it is dropped from a plane.